• Can of DEFY Italian red wine; vegan organic and delicious.
  • Can of DEFY Italian red wine being poured into 2 glasses; vegan organic and delicious.
  • Messy red wine dropping into glass next to DEFY can of red wine.


What's with the name?

Our orange wine in America is currently called 'NATURAL WHITE WINE', because, well, I guess it is. But really it's because the government don't recognise orange wine is an actual wine varietal!

Where to buy DEFY in America


How much wine

1 can x 200ml of wine – a delicious glass worth

It’s from Spain, it’s organic and it's wet.

Tastes like orange wine.

If you know, you know. But if you don't then know that orange wine is a natural wine made with white wine grapes. We leave the skins and seeds in contact with all the juice for a lot longer; this gives it an orange colour and a deeper flavour.

If you fancy something a bit different then definitely worth giving it a go.

It's made with organic grapes, no added sulphites or sugar and it's vegan, too.



13% ABV

Made with organic grapes



This is the new kid on the block, the odd one out when it comes to wine – partly because not many people know what orange wine is, partly because it doesn't taste like a white wine. It's got nothing to do with oranges or any citrus fruit, it's all about the hue, the colour. The flavour's deep, more complex, I guess, and probably not something you've ever really tasted.

Oh, and it goes great over ice when it's hot. Don't judge us, we like what we like.


Just in case you're not sure about this – cans because they are 70% less CO2 than bottles!

Plus, it does not effect the taste or the quality of the wine. We spent a long time figuring all this out and we know how to get our delicious vegan wine into a can and it's still gonna taste good when you drink it, even months later.

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Just good f*%king wine in a can – Better for the planet than bottles –