Wine kegs - serving wine on tap

Sometimes you just need to put wine in a glass

Wine taps

We provide kegs of our wine

This is the exact same wine we produce in our cans, made more convenient for people who have a tap line and want to serve more efficiently. It's the same, vegan, organic Italian red, white and rosé wine, we just put it into kegs at the winery in Italy.

For the on-trade

This is great for the on-trade to sell by the glass and offer people a taste of the wine. We make 30L and 20L kegs of our 3 still wines and can help you with the equipment, hookups and servicing if kegs are something new for you.

Why we produce and sell kegs of wine

Like cans, kegs have a lot of benefits, and for all our friends in the on-trade with bars, restaurants and events, they can be perfect to go alongside other formats. They take up much less space since a 30L keg holds 240 glasses of wine in a fraction of the space bottles would. Plus, each glass is as fresh as the one before, so no waste.

Learn more about kegs

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