Cans are freedom

Canned drinks have a lot going for them; they're lighter, take up less space, infinitely recyclable, don't really break, chill faster. Most of these benefits, as amazing as they are (and they are amazing) are important to the sellers more than the people buying and drinking them; they're operational benefits. For the consumer there is one amazing benefit cans have – freedom.
Cans, specifically RTD (canned) wine, are all the things I just mentioned, but to people that buy them to enjoy the wine, what they give you is freedom.

Cans are freedom to drink as little or as much as you like without wasting any wine or accidentally overindulging (we've all been there).

Em, sat on a sofa is strong sunlight, drinking a can of Organic Italian White Wine from DEFY

Freedom to take the wine with you wherever you want to go; somewhere nearby or further away, they travel well and don't weigh you down.

Freedom to enjoy wine how you want, without the need for anything else; no glasses (unless YOU want one), no corkscrew, no aerator (or having to let it breathe). Open and enjoy.

Cans fit into your life, open up the possibilities of where and how you want to enjoy wine. that's the freedom they give you.