Cans don't make wine cheap

Cans don't make it cheap

Just putting wine into cans instead of bottles does not make wine cheap. Actually, let's be clear.  We're not really talking about cheap wine, but shit wine. Low quality stuff that makes you not want to pay much. Cheap, shit, low quality, basic... whatever the hell you want to call it. Just by putting high-quality wine into a can does not make that wine cheap. It's not about the vessel, it's about the juice.

Bottles are tradition - a leftover necessity in stagnant thinking

Bottles, corks, old clay pots before that; this is just what people had. People had nothing else to store their wine in. It was a necessity that became the norm and then became the expectation. Expectation turned into tradition, into a benchmark, into old, mired, close-minded views that have people saying, "But this is how it's always been done." Don't even get me started into the pointless elitism in this area.

F&%k that. We know there are better ways to get people delicious, high-quality wine, and for us one of the  best ones is cans. And there are more people realising this along with us. They know cans are not only great from a drinker's point of view, but also for the planet.

Bottles have a lot going against them; they're heavy, they break, they're down-cycled (not really recycled), take up more space, take longer to chill - all this adds up to way more CO2 and more waste.

From an experience point of view, drinking just a little or a lot, sharing, having wine wherever you want to take it - cans are just better. You gotta try what's inside, that's what matters. The quality of the wine, the care that goes into making it. This is what you are buying - delicious, high-quality wine and freedom to enjoy it where and how you want.